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Mental Health

Mental Wellness Like a Slice of Pizza

You would never say NO to a hot slice of pizza or a satisfying piece of chocolate, right? Well, I hope you don’t say NO to mental wellness either.

Just as food, mental health is essential for your life. 

Why is essential? Because mental wellbeing makes you less vulnerable when it comes to hardships, challenges, loss and continuous stress.

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Your mind is the engine of your cognitive skills.

Also, your mental balance helps you make the right decisions because it increases self-awareness. Once you are aware of your needs, desires and priorities you know when it is the time to establish boundaries.

Food sustains your body day by day to function properly. Your mind does the same thing every day.

Because of your mind, you go daily at work and concentrate and do your duties. Your mind handles your decisions, your tasks, your interaction with others. A healthy mind sustains your skills and your capacity to learn and apply new things. 

Mental health gives taste, flavour, texture and perfume to your life.

A Sound Mind Gives TASTE to Your Life 

Sounds far out, right? Well, not really.

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We enjoy food when we can feel the taste of it.

Sweet, sour, salty and even bitter – they are all part of the eating experience. Similarly, mental health allows you to be READY. Ready for the salty taste of new challenges and unknown situations. Ready for the bitter taste of failure, criticism, loss, fears, discouragement, despair and the list can compile everything that provokes you pain, disgust, shame, anger and anxiety. 

Mental wellbeing is also a source of constant joy. Joy, not happiness. A steady stream of joy and mindfulness that makes your body healthier and stronger.

“What about the sour taste”, you may think. Hmmm. I tend to associate the sour taste with the uncomfortable tasks, with those to do-s you always postpone until the deadline cannot be prolonged. Well, a healthy mind will face the uncomfortable quicker and easier.

Also, the anxiety symptoms are handled easier because the intrusive thoughts don’t defeat the person anymore. They are watched on how they come and go without judgement.

Mental Health Gives TEXTURE to Your Relationships

Besides taste, I enjoy food because of how it feels inside my mouth. What about mental health?

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By TEXTURE, I mean that quality that makes your relationships solid, present, real.

Mental wellness is not necessarily the absence of mental disorders, but it represents a greater awareness of one’s weaknesses. 

A person whose mental health is at an optimal level is willing to say ‘I need help’. With less shame, with less fear of stigma and more desire to get well. All of this helps build stronger relationships with family members, life partners, friends, colleagues. 


Because there is no hiding and more trust. 

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A healthy mind is a mind that is open to talking about own vulnerabilities. Also, a healthy mind can spot easier those insecurities that make the person compare with other people in terms of looks, success, money and other values. 

Also, mental wellness gives you the power to take rejection easier. There is no hunger for someone else’s approval. Thus, people around you feel liberated next to you, without having to choose their words because they might upset or offend you.

Mental Stability Gives FLAVOUR to Your Goals

spoons full of condiments

Mmmm flavour – fancy cuisine puts a lot of value on the flavour of food.

Well, is the same with your objectives. A healthy and resilient mind will maintain you motivated to succeed. 

Many times, you will feel like your work is in vain especially if you don’t see results soon enough. That’s why your mental being is crucial. If you can’t overcome worry and fear of rejection and failure, you will feel miserable all the way through the top. You will make mistakes. It’s important to learn from them WITHOUT thinking you are a failure.

A healthy mind will help you focus on your goal no matter how many setbacks, stress and disappointments you may go through. Why? Because you feel less prone to feel ashamed or guilty for failure. 

child looking up

Good mental health is the key to self-esteem and self-confidence. And that’s the flavour I was talking about before. Nothing is too difficult, and you can visualize yourself achieving your goals. Your emotions are easier to handle and experience. Because your mind is clear, you can find solutions promptly and efficiently. A healthy mind tends to treat challenges with excitement rather than anxiety.

Mental Wellness is an Ultimate PERFUME!

freshly brewed coffee

The smell of freshly brewed coffee, or the sweet scent of ripe strawberry – hmmm, inviting right?

The special perfume of mental health is different. It doesn’t go through your nostrils. It’s a different kind. It’s the fragrance of victory. Just going through each day strong and healthy is a true blessing. 

Each and every day is different and the very fact that you got up and you did your best without giving up is enough. You might not be happy and joyous all the time. You will have very productive days but sometimes you will feel you lost time without doing anything worthy.

Today you may feel pleased with yourself, but tomorrow you may think you are not worthy enough. It’s ok. But if you are mentally strong, you won’t let these weak moments put you down. That’s the perfume of mental health. It makes life livable, gives you hope and inspiration. 

Well, the pleasures of delicious food are immediate. The smell, the taste, the joy of biting, the satisfying sound of the crunchy food, the bliss of smooth texture of desserts…hmmm.

mental health is power

Mental health is the same – it’s so satisfying! When you are mentally strong you can do things you never thought you would. It’s so pleasant to know that emotions and thoughts can’t control you. Feels good to be the captain of your ship and NO ONE ELSE!

Hi! I'm Maria and I am a mental health advocate! I am determined to learn as much as I can about mental and emotional wellbeing.

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