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Anxiety Disorders

14 Anxiety Quotes From TED Talks – From Anxiety Warriors Like Yourself

This is a list of quotes on anxiety topic from TED talks.

In these TED talks, people like you and me share their stories about anxiety. You may relate to some or disagree with others.

I encourage you to watch the entire TED talks afterwards and see what you can learn from others’ stories.

Quote 1 from How to Cope With Anxiety

Anxiety can lead to depression, school dropout, suicide. It makes it harder to focus, and to hold down a job, and it can lead to relationship breakdown. But a lot of people don’t know this, that’s why, a lot of times, people sweep anxiety under the rug as just nerves that you need to get over, as a weakness, but anxiety is so much more than that. – Olivia Remes

Olivia Remes of the University of Cambridge shares her vision on anxiety and unravels ways to treat and manage this health disorder.

Quote 2

Anxiety helps us meet our deadlines at work and deal with emergencies in life, but when this anxiety emotion is taken to the extreme and arises in situations which don’t pose a genuine threat, then that’s when you might have an anxiety disorder. – Olivia Remes

Quote 3 from How to Raise Kids Who Will Overcome Anxiety

Left untreated, anxiety in early childhood can lead to depression by adolescence. It can also contribute to substance abuse and to suicidality. – Anne Marie Albano

Anne Marie Albano explains how constantly rushing to fix a child’s problems can perpetuate a lifelong cycle of dependence and resentment – and shares why a healthy dose of risk helps kids cultivate lasting confidence.

Quote 4

If parents and key figures in a child’s life can help the child, assist them to confront their fears and learn how to problem-solve, then it is more likely that the children are going to develop their own internal coping mechanisms for managing their anxiety. This is key to actually having the child deal with the situation themselves. – Anne Marie Albano

Quote 5

Today’s hyper-anxious youth are not being helped by overly protective parenting. Calmness and confidence are not just emotions. They are coping skills that parents and children can learn. – Anne Marie Albano

Quote 6 from How to Stop Feeling Anxious About Anxiety

What if it turned out that anxiety isn’t actually our enemy and suddenly realised our fear was trying to help us? What would happen if we stopped trying to fight anxiety and embraced it as a trusted friend? – Tim Box

Tim explains why we need to think about anxiety differently, why the help we are being offered often exacerbates the problem, and how a very simple shift in the way we think about our own emotional responses can free us from our diagnoses and help us all feel a lot less anxious about anxiety.

Quote 7

You don’t get rid of anxiety by trying to get rid of it. Once we accept the anxiety as a natural part of our human experience and treat it not as our enemy but as trusted friend, we feel a lot less anxious about our anxiety. – Tim Box

Quote 8 from Understanding and Rising Above Your Anxiety

That is the thing about fear: once the seed is planted, it will grow and consume your thoughts if you aren’t prepared to fight against it. – Amanda Shenton

Quote 9 from How to Replace Anxiety With Purpose

What if we pursue what we are truly curious about? What would that look like? How would that feel? When we have the audacity to pursue what we truly want, not what Mom and Dad and brother or cousin Jo want, but what we truly desire, PASSION REPLACES ANXIETY. – Jake Heilbrunn

Jake offers a 3 step solution to the anxiety crisis, powerfully conveyed through his ‘Into the Wild’ esque journey of self-discovery

Quote 10 from The Impact of Anxiety and What We Can Do About It

When we are feeling worried or scarred, we should ask ourselves: ‘Is this a true emergency or this is a false alarm?’ This is the key to being in control of anxiety versus the worrying feeding on us. – Sharon Shelby

In Sharon’s TedX talk, she will share three powerful mind shifts, which we can implement right away. These valuable tools help us all to surf the waves of anxiety, thus lessening our own anxiety and the anxiety of those around bus, impacting lives forever.

Quote 11 from Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are the most frightening manifestation of anxiety. I know it’s a mounting panic attack when my heart beats harder. Not faster, just hard. Like the heartbeat in the background of a horror film. My body just won’t listen. The tears come now. Broken, dry cries. Weak, angry shrieks break through and my brain is screaming: ‘Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!’. There is not a real cry. Nothing that can be cathartic can come out. It all gets caught in my throat and my head. I get angry! Mad at this feeling, myself, everything. I pound my head with my fists, I want to bang it against the floor. I want to smash my skull and make it all end. – Alison Sommer 

Quote 12 from Be The Warrior Not The Worrier – Fighting Anxiety & Fear

I now view my fear, my worries, my anxiety as a good thing and I use it to my advantage. I created a fear project. It is about the things that worry me, make me anxious and taking them head on. I became a fear fighter. I used fear to motivate myself to do the things I wanted to do in my life. – Angela Ceberano

Quote 13 from One Teen’s Steps for Overcome Social Anxiety

Lack of communication leaves too much room for imagination. The first time I opened up to someone about my fears, insecurities and anxieties, I felt relieved. It was amazing that someone was acknowledging my feelings. Besides, sometimes we do not see the good things in us, so communication can really help you notice that. – Isabella Campollo Goubaud

Quote 14 from Anxiety: A Cancer of the Mind

Anxiety is a cancer of the mind. It’s something that eats at the conscience. It’s something that weakens the heart and destroys the self. It leaves you empty, feeling alone, like there is no one to help you and understand you. – Aneysha Bhat


These TED talks and the quotes I extracted showed me that anxiety is not experienced in the same way by everyone. Some interpret it as just fear, while others are crippled by anxiety attacks. Some people say they recovered from anxiety with no medication or therapy, while others combined classic therapeutic approaches with alternative ones.

I am still on a journey with managing my anxiety and finding coping skills that work for me. These TED talks gave me a bit of perspective on how other people overcame their anxiety.

How do you find these anxiety quotes and stories? To which you can relate the most?

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